Keeping a home in good condition is a great way to protect your investment and enhance property value. The longer a home deteriorates, the more costly repairs can become. Renovating the interior or exterior parts of a building that need attention provides aesthetic enjoyment of the home, along with peace of mind. If you own an aging house that could use some tender loving care and renovation, here is how Bofam Contractors can help.

Interior improvements

Maybe your home is starting to show its age or needs important repairs. We will provide a thorough evaluation along with a written estimate as to the recommendations we feel would be most advantageous to the inside of your home. From adding or removing walls to enhancing nooks and storage areas, current space can be adjusted to maximize usage and efficiency. Structural work can be done to reinforce the home’s construction and stability for greater stability. You may want to add a patio or walkway, or possibly enclose a porch. There are many ways to make your house look even better while increasing its value.

Exterior remodeling

The outside of your house can also be updated by adding siding, shutters, or other accessory features. We can rebuild the chimney or repair the roof along with downspouts and the drainage system. A garage can be added or expanded in many cases. Whatever your external renovation needs, we offer high quality, professional, green-friendly service.

Bofam Contractors have been helping the community update, preserve, and enhance homes of all ages and in various conditions. We take pride in our work! Call today for a convenient free estimate.